Domande Frequenti

How can I know when a product is available?

Is it possible to demand a costumized estimate?

How can I order an item?

Is it possible to be assisted by an operator during the order?

Is the website reliable?

What are the payment terms?

Are the payments safe?

Is it possible to track the status of my order?

Is it possible to pick up the goods at the ArredOk office?

What kind of receipt do you usually issue?

What should I do if the packaging is damaged?

What should I do if the product doesn’t work or has got some flaws?

How do you usually make the refund happen?

Is it possible to receive some HR pictures?

Is it possible to get advice about interior design?

Is it necessary to be registered to the website or the Newsletter in order to purchase?

Can I order more than one item? Are the products going to be delivered together?

When and how is the delivery going to be carried out?

Do you ship only in Italy?

Is it possible to demand an estimate for the shipping costs?

Are specialized employees going to deliver the goods?

Is it possible to modify an order?

Is the packaging safe?

Does ArredOk have a location which can be accessible by the public?

The question I would like to ask doesn’t appear in the list, how can I get in touch with you?